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Educational activity

2014: appointed as associate professor of urology via open competition.

Dal 2006 al 2013: professor in the School of Specialization in Urology of the University of Florence. Mentor of small groups for theoretical and practical educational activities.

He is supervisor at international and national conferences for urological aspects in connection with andrological pathologies.

2009-2011: Member of the scientific board of the European Society for Sexual Medicine for the erectile dysfunction.

Since 2005: Professor of second level specialisation course in Andrology at the University of Florence.

Since 2010: Professor of second level specialisation course in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Florence.

2002: Professor at the Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy Institute, course organiser and presenter of “Anatomy and physiology of the male sexual apparatus and organic causes of the male sexual dysfunctions”.

2001: Supervisor at the Royal Society of Medicine in London: "Surgery of the penis".

2001: Professor at King's College in London: theoretical and practical lessons of urology for students of the Faculty of Medicine.

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