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Surgical activity

Prof Nicola Mondaini’s wealth of surgical experience, underpinned by his publications on various topics in urology and surgical andrology, has been acquired in the Urology Clinics of the University of Florence under the mentorship of Prof Michelangelo Rizzo since 1997. Prof Nicola Mondaini has performed and participated in operations at an international level in the forefront of urology. In 2000 he studied surgical endoscopic procedures of the prostate at the urology department of King's College Hospital in London under the mentorship of Prof Gordon Muir. In 2004 he had visiting internships in the most important European centres of andrological surgery. At San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan (directed by Prof E. Austoni) and Children University Hospital in Belgrade (directed by Prof S. Perovich) he studied the correction of congenital and acquired penile curvatures with procedures of plication of the tunica albuginea and excision of the fibrotic plaque and grafting by saphenous vein patch. At Fundacio Puigvert in Barcelona (directed by Prof E. Ruiz-Castane) and Middlesex Hospital in London (directed by Prof D. Ralph) he studied the prosthetic surgery of the penis. At the hospital of Trieste (directed by Prof E. Belgrano) and AKH in Hamburg (directed by Prof M. Fisch) he studied testicular surgery. Since 2005 he is a medical officer at Santa Maria Annunziata hospital in Florence where he further advanced, under the mentorship of Prof Riccardo Bartoletti, his knowledge about vesical and kidney surgery, becoming a supervisor of the department of andrological surgery.

Urological surgery

Prosthetic surgery
Surgery of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)
TURP: transurethral endoscopic resection of the prostate
Greenlight: photoselective vaporization of the prostate by GreenLight laser
Rezum: water therapy of the prostate
AquaBeam: robotic system for Aquablation therapy of the prostate
“Open-sky” transvesical prostatic adenectomy
Prostate tumour surgery
Vesical surgery
Endoscopic resection of vesical neoplasia (Turb)
Male cystectomy (radical removal of bladder)
Female cystectomy
Kidney surgery
“Open-sky” radical removal of the kidney in case of tumour (radical nephrectomy)
“Open-sky” partial removal of the kidney in case of tumour (partial nephrectomy)
Plastic surgery of the pyelo-ureteral joint in case of stenosis
Ureteral surgery
Ureteroscopy by laser in case of calculus

Surgery of the penis

Positioning of enzymatic cutter xiapex – centre of reference in Italy
Inguinal and testicular surgery
Orchidectomy in case of testicular tumour
Varicocelectomy in case of varicocele with microsurgical procedure
Eversion and resection of the tunica vaginalis of the testicle in case of hydrocele
Surgery of the penis
Circumcision in case of phimosis
Frenectomy and frenuloplasty in case of short frenulum
Straightening corporoplasty in case of congenital or acquired penile curvature (Induratio Penis Plastica)
Installation of penile prosthesis in case of erectile dysfunction
Surgical treatment of tumour of the penis
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