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Quarta di copertina (“Back cover”)


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"Back cover" is where the authors summarise the subject of their work and their biographical notes in a few lines. On the back cover there is also the ISBN code. This is the most frequently read part for those who browse a book for possible purchase. These few lines greatly influence the potential reader whether or not to purchase the book. Our literary award, which is named after the back cover for its essential role, dedicated to those writers who succeed in managing to attract readers in a historical moment of editorial crisis. In our opinion the back cover, the hallmark of the ability of a writer to summarise as well as to show off his talent of attracting readers with a few succinct expressions. The literary genres are extended, they go from novels to studies, scientific essays, recipe books, comic strips and historical books. Since 2010 the award’s presentation, patronised by Tuscany Region, takes place every year in Florence. It attracts readers and promotes reading in a pleasant way. 8 books, connected by themes in common but belonging to different literary genres, are in competition for the jury to decide the winner with the active participation of the audience. "


Presentation of the literary award Quarta di copertina

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